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iKnowledge serves organizations that are experiencing process pain points by helping them build capacity and grow into systems-thinking operations that sustainably serve their mission and stakeholders.

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Is it time for a new framework?

Do you find yourself increasingly spending time on busy tasks rather than the work you went into business for? Is your process living in multiple spreadsheets that you wish could talk to each other? Are you trying to transition from a juggling start-up tribe into a cross-functional team? Does your team spend too much time wrangling the collection of data and how to report what information to who? Struggling with how to transform your in-person workflow to a virtual one? 

We can help you focus on your genius work!

iKnowledge combines cloud computing tools with business analysis and organizational development to provide innovative solutions that free up their clients to focus on the reasons they founded their organization instead of being side tracked by day-to-day operations.

Meet Our Team

JoAnn Culbertson

Holding roles of administrator, developer and architect, JoAnn has been in the Salesforce ecosystem for 20 years. A confessed certification junkie, she currently holds 12 certs that support her conviction that the tool can fulfill every business need. Always the devil’s advocate when examining client requirements, her perspective mantra is:

Well yes, we can do that in Salesforce,

but should we?

Off screen you can find her knitting or walking her little white dog in Milwaukee, Wisconsin or pursuing the magic of the next Dreamforce so she can nerd out at the largest software conference in the world.

Maegan Hollister

Business Analyst nomad that has been roaming the intersection of organizational development, workplace culture and lean processes for over 15 years. Thoughtfully assessing people, process and technology elements – Mae is a natural linchpin and dedicated to capacity building for mission driven organizations and shaping business as a force for good. Her agile process art feeds business opportunities and starves their problems by throwing out the status quo map. Off screen, you can find her drinking the kool-aid of Seth Godin:

Go make a ruckus. If we’re not going to make things better, who will?

Always plotting her next adventure.

Justin Deedon

Web developer and Entrepreneur – Justin is committed to lowering the barriers to entry by demystifying the field of technology. His portfolio ranges from data center development to affordable IT solutions for those in need. His platform principles of functional, revenue generating and beautiful are integrated across all online solutions. Justin’s expertise hovers at the frontlines of businesses to empower them: The internet is like the wild west, eventually it’ll be a thriving environment for economic growth, but first it needs to be refined and made usable by all.

Off screen you can find him fishing the Umpqua river in Southern Oregon.

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